Top 10 Most Hated Singers

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Most hated singers around the world have an army of haters for them. Maybe they’re not bad musicians,maybe not everybody hates them. If these artists decided to take retirement,very few people would be upset. This list acknowledges musical artists that are widely hated. For the record, these decisions aren’t personal, but in a sense we can understand why most people hate them. One Direction? Check! Ke$ha? Gotcha! Nicki Minaj? Done! Justin Beiber? Of course! Some of these artists are widely talented and are on this list for their off stage antics. Others aren’t, but are still widely popular. Here are the 10 of the Most Hated Singers

10 – Taylor Swift

taylor swift

Flash forward eight years later, she is still playing that cutesy gimmick, even as a grown woman in her mid twenties. After Kanye snatched the mic from her during acceptance speech, we did feel sorry for her. But then she got really annoying, writing too many songs about her too many famous ex-boyfriends. The backlash became deeper when she abandoned her country sound and leaned more toward radio friendly pop. But of course with her small (big ass understatement) success, I’m sure she couldn’t care less.

9 – Kesha


Four simple words: Lack. Of. Musical. Substance. She’s not exactly a vocalist, and her songwriting isn’t anything to be excited about either. For many critics, she can easily be dismissed as a brainless party girl. And her music does nothing to dispel that.

8 –John Mayer

john mayer

Too bad he’s not as tender as his music’s suggest. One article in Playboy was all it took for his true colors to come flying out. In that article, he came across as a racist, sexist pig who overshares sexually. Any doubts of his pig-like ways, check his dating record, and who he gave the ditch and dash.

7 –One Direction

one direction

No one over the age of 12 can name a single song by them. But what can be heard is shitty, annoying, repetitive bubblegum pop on the radio every day, since they’re so damn popular. Eventually, it got to a point where they get booed off of the VMA stage, and even had Taylor Swift (who used to date Harry Styles of the group) saying, “SHUT THE FUCK UP!” Remember, most of people felt the exact same way about N* Sync, the Backstreet Boys, and every other boy band that came out in the ’90s, and it made us realize how good ’90s boy bands really were, so thanks, One Direction!

6 –Lil Wayne

lil wayne

His newfound pop-stardom has led many close minded hip-hop fans to question his street-cred and artistry. The fact that he is usually high on syrup, like, all the damn time, sometimes can hinder his lyricism. Wayne is sometimes cited for speaking absolute non-sense. And his raspy voice doesn’t help either. Even worse, Wayne has also been accused of copyrighting and stealing bars from other rappers.

5 –Nicki Minaj

nicki minaj

While she has reached many milestones no other femcee has managed to touch, she has an even bigger army of detractors. For some, it is in part to her annoying nasally voice; for others, her cocky attitude and lack of musical substance. The kicker was when people noticed her fashion style closely resembled that of Lil’ Kim. The tipping point was when she was seen on camera shouting at the legendary Mariah Carey on American Idol. As the season went on, the backlash only deepened. Her delusional fans only make matters worse.

4 –Limp Bizkit/Fred Durst

limp bizkit

For many people, their music is waned and uninspiring. Durst in particular, has been called a “poser”, and has an extremely obnoxious personality. He also has claimed to have slept with both Britney and Christina, with both pop princesses denying it profusely. Can you blame them?

3 –Kanye West

kanye west

He has something called a “lack of filter”. And that character flaw has prompted him to calling out the president, and snatching the mic from Justice vs. SImian at the EMA awards, and more notably from Taylor Swift during the VMA’s causing even more of a stir. The backlash only deepened when he began a relationship with Kim Kardashian, comparing her to Marilyn Monroe.

2 –Justin Bieber

justin bieber

Before, it seemed as if people were just jealous of his success. Sure, his lack of singing ability and cheesy songs spawned a whole army of haters to go to war with the Beliebers, but his behavior off stage made it really hard for anyone to feel sorry for him. His multiple attempts to come across as masculine–smoking weed, hanging out with “rappers”, trying to grow a mustache–are laughable. Now, he just comes across as an arrogant little brat who has even managed to piss off former president Bill Clinton. And to make matters worse, two videos have surfaced of Biebs making racist remarks early in his career, so I guess he’s been a douche for like…ever. Now, there’s a petition out to have him deported (10,000 signatures and counting).

1 – Chris Brown

chris brown

Like the Biebs, Breezy’s thin vocal abilities earned him a small batch of naysayers, but he was still one of the biggest pop sensations of his time. Then one horrible incident with Rihanna later, he is still a target of comedic satire and ridicule. While his music manages to shift the focus for one minute, he can’t stay out of the tabloids the next. Whether it be for his graffiti, his rocky love life or for throwing down with Drake, Frank Ocean, a photo bomber, or even a mirror.

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