Top 10 Most Expensive Shoes in the World

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Does paying 100$ for a pair of shoes looks too much to you. For most, a pair of shoes means something cozy to wear on your feet, for others, the most important weapon and luxury item everyone needs to have in their own closet. The truth is, shoe design has made its turn over the years, and a few incredible bespoke versions have been released in the market. Take a look at the 10 Most Expensive Shoes.

10 – Diamond Dream Stilettos

diamond dream stilettos

Value: $500,000
Diamond Dream Stilettos has two bands of diamond-coated circles at the top of each foot while a simple silver band across the toes, creating a refined and pleasing design.

9 – Wizard of Oz Ruby Slippers

wizard of oz slippers

Value: $612,000
The shoes are actually not costly if to manufacture now but the actual reason of making these Ruby Slippers more expensive is just the success of the movie that everyone has keen to own these slippers without considering anything else.

8 –Retro Rose Pumps

retro rose pumps

Value: $1 Milion
Making to our list of the world’s most expensive shoes, is another creation by Stuart Weitzman, this unique shoe has very fine and striking appearance under a beautiful designer outfit. The retro rose in the front of the shoe gave an extraordinary appeal combined with 100 carats of 1,800 dazzling Kwiat diamonds.

7 –Marilyn Monroe Shoes

marilyn monroe shoes

Marilyn Monroe Shoes are another one of most expensive shoe pair in the world costing one million dollar, festooned with a satin rose that has a cluster of sparkling Swarovski crystals around it that made most neat and trendy one.

6 – Platinum Guild Stilettos

platinum guild stilettos

Value: $1.09 million
Platinum guild stilettos are one of the rare collections from Stuart Weitzman with platinum fabric straps while total of 464 Kwiat diamonds included in the design which are encrusted in the straps, added into list of most expensive shoes in the world which costs $1.09 million.

5 –Ruby Stilettos

ruby stilettos

Value: $1.6 Million
Stuart Weitzman incredibly expensive pair, Ruby Stilettos shoes have whole insole of red satin with 600 rubies weighing nearly a pound each!

4 –Tanzanite Heels

tanzanite heels

Value: $2 milion
Coated with 185 carats of elegant bright blue tanzanite gemstones and 28 carats of diamonds while ankle strap is crowned with a dangling 16 carat tanzanite drop gave these heels an incredible luxury stare.

3 –Cinderella Slippers

cinderella slippers

Value: $2 Milion
Cinderella slippers is another pair from Stuart Weitzman‘s expensive collection, yes the shoe designer has added one more outstanding creation to its list. The shoes are made up of purely 565 Kwiat diamonds in platinum setting at laces which cost up to one million while the whole pair has price of two million and enlisted in top most expensive shoes in the world.

2 – Rita Hayworth Heels

rita hayworth heels

Value: $3 million
Rita Hayworth heels are well-decorated and most classy shoes again from Stuart Weitzman with stones including diamonds, rubies and sapphires, created from rust-colored satin. A true bespoke design.

1 – Ruby Slippers from the House of Harry Winston

ruby slippers harry winston

Value: $3 million
Designed by Harry Winston Ruby Slippers is a replica of Dorothy’s ruby slippers with the expensive jewelry and art work for which Winston takes two months to make it in real look. Harry Winston Ruby Slippers is actually a tribute to The Wizard of Oz on the eve of 50th anniversary of the film’s release in 1989. Its outstanding value of $3 Million being the most expensive shoe in the world!

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